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6th Graders 2020

  • "First of all .. prayers"! (See them all in YP contact list.)
  • Bay Area 6th graders conference TBD, likely 2+ Saturday starting end of May. Fellowship 5pm May 3rd (Zoom link).
  • Three-pronged approach preparing the 6th graders unto salvation during shelter-in-place:
    • 6th-graders Get-togethers 4pm LD 5/10, 5/24; 45 minutes
      • Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/96923423923 
      • All together with 6th graders and their parents, and serving ones.
      • Key elements: 
        • enjoyable singing along w/ well-prepared production
        • mutual encouragement, especially toward home time and companionship/relatedness time
        • possibly testimonies
        • little or no messages
    • Each 6th grader with their parents at home (central!)
      • Daily or multiple times a week; set time. Firm but gentle. (they are our gospel friends!) Do not force.
      • Some 10 minutes. Do not go long. 
      • Read the Bible, e.g. the gospel of Mark, with prayer; sing a song.
        • In whichever language(s) that works for your family communication.
      • Other materials: (Bring them to the Lord, not cramming knowledge.)
    •  Companionship/relatedness time
      • e.g. two families of 6th graders together, and/or with some burdened serving ones.
      • Weekly? or just arrange one gathering at a time.
      • Parents feel free to initiate with one another. Serving ones may help, too.
James Shau,
May 3, 2020, 7:00 AM